May 7, 2022 Update:

Due to the untimely death of Mickey Gilley we are temporarily suspending all sales of Gilley’s memorabilia until further notice. We will continue to purchase items as opportunity arises. Thanks for your understanding.


(February, 2012 NOTE:  Since the airing, and re-runs, of the “American Pickers” episode where Mike and Frank meet Mickey Gilley and buy some of his memorabilia, prices for anything with the name “Gilley’s” on it have fluctuated wildly from where they were prior to the episode, so any pricing information given previously is probably no longer meaningful, and we will no longer give guidance on price. Use discretion and common sense when making an offer just as you would on any other purchase in life.)

We buy Gilley’s Pasadena, TX memorabilia and collectibles. We sell Gilley’s Pasadena, TX memorabilia and collectibles. We buy and sell “Urban Cowboy” memorabilia and collectibles. And we buy and sell Gilley’s Frontier Hotel and Casino memorabilia and collectibles.

Every piece of collectible Gilley’s memorabilia listed for sale below is offered on a “MAKE OFFER” basis and is listed subject to prior sale. To make an offer just send an email to with a description of the item you want to purchase and the price you are offering to pay, including shipping. We only ship to the continental USA and accept paypal for payment.  All vintage items are sold “AS IS” with no returns or exchanges. Please specify if you want insurance and include that in your shipping cost, otherwise shipping will be standard USPS unless other arrangements are made. We do our best to properly package items but cannot be responsible for lost or broken items once they leave our hands.

If you have something you’d like to sell, send us an email at with a picture/pictures and/or description with an asking price if you have one. We purchase individual items as well as collections and are always looking for new and unusual items.)

Hi Gilley’s fans,

As part of our never-ending quest to expand our collection we are always looking for new and exciting Gilley’s memorabilia so, if you have something you think we’d be interested in, please let us know. Donations are always welcome, and purchases will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please include picture(s) and a description sufficent to identify what you are offering, and a reasonable asking price. We’ll get back to you asap.

You can email us at We respect your privacy. Should you choose to post publicly and deal with anyone other than we shall have no responsibility to any buyer or seller for any transaction that we are not involved in as a buyer or seller. We are neither an agent nor facilitator of any kind, and will play no part in your transaction. Use discretion and trade at your own risk. We reserve the right to deny public posting of any offer for any reason. We appreciate your cooperation and your request to post publicly shall constitute acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.

From time to time we acquire items in bulk which sometimes leaves us with duplicates. When this happens we will usually consider selling something that we already have in our collection. Also, we may know of something for sale that we don’t need so we would be happy to let you know where you can purchase it. So let us know if there is something you’re looking for and we’ll let you know if we can help. If we are unable to help we will post offers to buy (in case another reader can help you) unless you request that we not post your offer.  Again, we respect your privacy. Either way, please give us an email address unless you’d prefer a response here. We will leave your email out of your post at your request.

When time permits we will post pictures of items for sale so check back regulary. We currently have several duplicate items we can offer, from Gilley’s posters, pins and t-shirts to beer cans, a beach towel and beer tray. Remember, these items are usually about 25-30 years old or more and probably used so do not expect them to be otherwise. We will show pictures and describe any unusual wear or damage, and reflect that in the price.

Please understand that we are not in business to buy and sell. We just want to share our duplicates with people who appreciate them and use the proceeds to purchase items we need for the museum. Because of the rapid fluctuation in prices we do not post fixed prices for any of our items, and all Gilley’s memorabilia listed for sale is subject to prior sale. We accept payment via PayPal. Please feel free to make an offer on anything listed below.

If you want to contact us outside the blog you can email us directly at

That’s the story. So if you have or want something, let’s talk.

Thanks, ya’ll.


Gilley’s Posters For Sale

Here is a very hard to find 1980 poster with Mickey Gilley and two girls riding the mechanical bull. In fact, it’s so hard to find that Mickey Gilley himself didn’t even have one until he came to visit on February 18, 2013 (see related blog post here). When I saw him admiring it as if he hadn’t seen one in years I gave him a brand new one in the wrapper and his face lit up. Mickey said he would have it framed and hang it in his Branson Gilley’s Restaurant.

This picture, in slightly cropped form, was used for the cover of Mickey’s 1980 “Encore” album. The poster measures approximately 20″ by 28″ with very small print along the bottom right saying 14-355 Mickey Gilley copyright 1980 Epic and CBS, Inc. It is rolled in its original cellophane wrapping with the original Mickey Gilley label on one end. They look great framed and are much brighter and more colorful than the picture appears. (See the album cover below for a better representation.) Be sure to get your poster before it’s too late.

1980 Mickey Gilley 20x28 Epic poster.

1980 Mickey Gilley 20×28 Epic poster.

Mickey Gilley "Encore" album cover

Mickey Gilley “Encore” album cover

Very HTF Gilley’s logo earrings

This is a VERY hard to find pair of Gilley’s logo earrings. The logo itself measures almost exactly one inch long with what appears to be black lacquer lettering over a gold-tone backing. We’ve never seen these listed in a catalog or anywhere else so the year is unknown, as is the metal content. Gilley’s did make some similar items in gold or silver electroplate so that’s a possibility but we can’t claim or guarantee that this is anything other than gold-tone. These Gilley’s earrings are original vintage, still in the package, and never worn. Good luck finding another pair somewhere else. Make an offer!

VERY HTF Gilley's black logo earrings

VERY HTF Gilley’s black logo earrings

Gilley’s Pasadena Texas Silver Electroplated Charm

These original vintage Gilley’s Pasadena Texas silver electroplated charms were shown in the Gilley’s catalogs in the mid-1980’s so that gives you an idea of age. The logo measures nearly one inch long and one-half inch tall. This one is brand new, still attached to its original paper label stating that it is silver electroplated. Hang this beauty on your charm bracelet or necklace and be the envy of your friends! Make an offer.

Gilley's Pasadena Texas (text) silver electroplated charm

Gilley’s Pasadena Texas (text) silver electroplated charm

Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas State Logo Charm

This Texas state shaped charm with the red Gilley’s logo measures about seven-eighths of an inch wide by three-quarters of an inch high. The outline and print are gold-tone. It is brand new and still in its original packaging. Being shown in the early to mid-1980’s catalogs we would date this from that time period. Hang this colorful little beauty on your necklace or bracelet to show your love for Gilley’s club. Very hard to find, especially in this condition. Make an offer.

Gilley's Texas shaped charm

Gilley’s Texas shaped charm

RARE Gilley’s Baseball Cap For Sale

Here’s a new find you’re not likely to see anywhere else. It’s not only a rare style, color and material, it also came directly from the collection of Sherwood Cryer himself, the man who created Gilley’s. This Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas hat is navy blue with a red embroidered on white Gilley’s logo patch sewn onto the light weight foam top. The bill is also foam, and the rest of the hat is a mesh material that is probably nylon. There is also a navy blue rope across the front, along the line where the bill meets the top. It’s a one size fits all with a plastic snap adjustor in the back. This cap is NOS (new old stock) and has never been worn! How awesome is that!

Just the patch alone goes for good money. Where are you ever going to find a brand new one of these again, not to mention it came from the man who created Gilley’s? Get it while you can. We’re open to offers. (Obviously the logo on top is only in the picture, not on the cap. Also, the light color spot near the right center of the front of the bill is a reflection, not a stain or fading.)

Gilley's Pasadena, Texas Navy Foam Baseball Cap.

Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas Navy Foam Baseball Cap.

Gilley’s Beer Cans For Sale

We recently picked up some great Gilley’s Beer cans and now have several duplicates that we can part with. There are 2 different style cans available. One is the stay-tab version with the small black and white picture of Mickey Gilley in the middle of the Texas state outline and the other has the large black and white picture of Mickey and is the large print top version. You can see more info and pictures of these cans on our Gilley’s Beer Cans page. Both are aluminum cans and are bottom opened.

We are not experienced can collectors and are not qualified to grade cans, so I will tell you that they are  all clean, nice cans for display. There may be a few very small scratches, dings or dents, but nothing serious and no rust to speak of, so they will look cool on your bar. If you’re looking for a perfect, like new can then good luck finding one. These cans are all over 25 years old. Here is a picture of the two types of Gilley’s Beer cans we are currently offering.

(Sorry, no cans are currently for sale)

Two styles of vintage Gilley's Pasadena, TX beer cans.

Two different vintage aluminum Gilley’s Pasadena, TX beer cans for sale.

Gilley’s Beach Towel For Sale

This very hard to find Gilley’s Beach Towel measures approximately  36″ by 63 1/4″ and is in overall great shape! For being about 30 years old it’s in near perfect condition. The background white is very slightly yellowed from age and the colors are slightly faded as it appears this towel has been washed several times. I noticed no fraying around the edges, no holes or tears, and no noticeable stains. The towel in the picture is the towel we are offering. As you can see, it has great graphics with the cowboy riding the mechanical bull and clearly is identified as coming from Gilley’s in Pasadena, Texas. This towel would look great framed and hung up in your man cave. It just screams “Urban Cowboy.” Your friends will be jealous. And obviously, the logo is only on the picture, not on the towel. Click on the picture to see more detail. We are accepting offers on this super rare piece of memorabilia.

Sold 6-17-13

Vintage original Gilley's Pasadena, TX beach towel.

Vintage original Gilley’s Pasadena, TX beach towel.

Gilley’s Buckles For Sale

Here we have three Gilley’s Pasadena, TX original vintage buckles for sale. They are all made of metal and are approximately 3 3/4″ wide by 2 3/8″ high. To see them in greater detail just click on the pictures. And of course all pictures are of the actual buckles offered and they are offered as is, as described and as pictured. Obviously, the white labels on the pictures are NOT on the buckles, they are only on the pictures.

Some Gilley’s buckles were sold year after year and some for only a short time, so unless a year is given they could be from anywhere between 1971 and 1989 when the club was closed. If any buckle is sold it will be labeled as “SOLD” so assume it’s still for sale unless it’s marked otherwise.

The first buckle for sale is a rare Gilley’s 1979 Limited Edition buckle. This buckle is for display purposes only as it is missing the back pin that goes through the belt hole, so unless it is repaired (I have no idea if repair is possible) it cannot be worn. As you can see in the picture below, it says “THE WORLD’S LARGEST NITE CLUB” along the top rim and “PASADENA, TEXAS” along the bottom rim. It also has a very intricate background. Both of these features make this buckle substantially different from almost every other buckle sold by Gilley’s, so it is both rare and quite unique. The flat areas are somewhat shiny, but more like smooth metal than like chrome.

On the back is stamped “LIMITED EDITION 1979 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED GILLEY’S CLUB PASADENA, TEXAS” in one box and “CREATIVE INCENTIVES, INC. HOUSTON, TEXAS” in another box. Also, the metal that attaches the loop (for a belt) to the buckle is very ornate. It looks sort of like the flowers you might see carved into a leather belt.

As you can hopefully see from the picture below it has normal wear from being worn but is still very distinctive and would look great in a buckle display case. It’s very heavy. Make offer.

Gilley's rare Limited Edition 1979 buckle

Gilley’s rare Limited Edition 1979 buckle

Here is the very popular chrome Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas oval buckle with red enamel background. It has some chrome loss on the outer rim and some on the print but is still very wearable. There is 3/4″ chrome missing on the far left side, about 1 1/4″ missing on the right side, several small chips on the lettering and musical notes, and some overall wear marks in general.

See the picture below and click on it to see a larger view.

Sold 6-11-14

Gilley's Pasadena Chrome & Red Enamel Oval Buckle - Damaged

Gilley’s Pasadena Chrome & Red Enamel Oval Buckle – Damaged

Our next buckle is a Gilley’s pewter (gray metal with a matte type finish) oval.  Below Gilley’s it says “PASADENA, TEXAS” and below that “THE WORLD’S LARGEST NITE CLUB”. It has a background I would describe as being covered with small bumps. This buckle is in excellent condition for its age with minimal wear marks. It would make an excellent display or can be worn with pride.  This is also a fairly rare buckle, especially in such good condition.

On the back is stamped “SOUTHWEST BUCKLE DESIGNS 4447 NEWCOME SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 78229”. See the picture below. Make offer.

SOLD 2-8-12

Gilley's Pewter Buckle

Vintage Gilley’s Pasadena, TX pewter buckle

Finally, we have a shiny Gilley’s oval buckle that appears to be chrome plated.  It has some minor damage (chipped off chrome) on the musical note above the “e” in Gilley’s, on the “y” in Gilley’s, and a few other tiny spots. Otherwise it’s in good shape and and a cool example of vintage Gilley’s memorabilia.  This buckle is very heavy, about 50% heavier than the pewter buckle.

On the back it is stamped “SOUTHWEST BUCKLE DESIGNS 4447 NEWCOME SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS”  then “S36” (which I think identifies the buckle design) and then what looks like “Koleaco U.S.A”. This Gilley’s buckle is pictured below. The buckle actually looks much better than the picture as my camera does not do well with very shiny, reflective objects.  Make Offer.

vintage Gilley's chrome buckle

Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas chrome buckle

Check back from time to time to see new offerings which will be added as time and opportunity permit. We will be adding original vintage Gilley’s shirts, a Gilley’s beach towel, Gilley’s beer tray, Gilley’s ash trays, other items, and of course more vintage original Gilley’s buckles.

Keep on dancin’.


More Gilley’s Memorabilia For Sale

As promised, here are some additional vintage, original pieces from the closed Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas club.

Let’s start with the small (about 3 1/2″ across and 1″ high) ceramic Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas ash tray. It’s in great shape, with clear lettering and shiny surface glaze in a slightly off white color. There is no visible damage of any kind. It looks like it just came from the store, as pictured below. Make offer.

Gilley's ceramic ash tray

Vintage Gilley’s Pasadena ceramic ash tray

Here’s a slightly larger vintage Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas ceramic ash tray. It measures 5 3/8″ across the top and is about 1″ high at it’s highest point, with a scalloped rim and a slightly darker cream color than the smaller ash tray pictured above. It’s in excellent condition (the dark spot near the “s” in Gilley’s is a reflection/shadow, not a stain), Make offer.

Vintage Gilley's Pasadena, Texas scalloped ash tray.

Vintage Gilley’s Pasadena, Texas scalloped ash tray.

How about a near-perfect Gilley’s match book to go with your ash tray? Wouldn’t that look cool on your coffee table or framed together for display? Here’s a great one. All matches are straight and intact, and the printing is sharp and clear. Both sides are shown so you can see what’s inside. Matches this nice are very hard to find. See the picture below. Make offer.

Gilley's Matchbook

Gilley’s Matchbook

Wouldn’t a Gilley’s Club napkin go perfectly with the ash tray and matches? You bet it would. Another hard to find, very old paper item in excellent condition. It measures about 5″ across when folded, and is pictured below opened up so you can see the print on both sides of the normally folded napkin. No stains or tears. Make offer.

Gilley's napkin

Gilley’s paper napkin

Next we have a ball point pen from the partner club Johnny Lee’s Club. It is cosmetically excellent, however with a roughly 25 year old ink supply it doesn’t write. It can be opened to replace the ink cartridge if you have the right size to fit the pen. It’s about 5″ long and says “4500 Spencer Highway Pasadena, Texas 77504  713/946-9842” under the Johnny Lee’s logo.  Definitely hard to find. See picture below. Make offer.

Johnny Lee's club pen

Johnny Lee’s club pen

Got a hankerin’ for a Gilley’s Beer Tray? How about this one! It’s about 13″ across, made of metal, with bright print. It does have some minor damage. There is some discoloration/stains (may be cleanable, I didn’t try) on the bottom, a few scuffs and nicks on the top, and a dent (may be repairable, I didn’t try) in the side at around 7 o’clock (see picture below).  It has cool graphics all the way around the outside. This is the exact tray we are offering. Make offer.

SOLD    9-8-2011

Gilley's beer tray

Gilley’s metal beer tray

How great would a ceramic Gilley’s coffee mug look next to your Gilley’s napkin? Here is what you’re looking for. Pictured is both sides of the mug, showing the gilley’s logo above a keyboard on one side and Gilley’s logo inside an outline of the state of Texas on the other. This mug is a beauty. It’s about 4 1/2″ tall and 3″ across the top, heavy ceramic with a great shiny glaze. The graphics are great and there is no damage of any kind. See picture below. Make offer.

Gilley's coffee mug

Gilley’s ceramic coffee mug

Looking for a Gilley’s shirt? We found a number of unused Gilley’s shirts from a warehouse in Texas. They are vintage, never sold, washed or worn, and believed to be samples from the manufacturer. They are identical in every way to the shirts sold in the club except they are only printed on the front.  The backs are plain, with no print. We’ve seen a few of these shirts on ebay for around $50 each. We have several colors and sizes, so if you’re interested tell us what you’re looking for. Remember, sizes from back then ran smaller so keep that in mind. These are 50/50 cotton poly, with ringer sleeves and collars. Below is a sample of these Gilley’s tee shirts. Make offer.

Gilley's tee shirt

Gilley’s ringer tee shirt

Just like the above, we have several Gilley’s tank top shirts in 50/50 cotton poly. Again, no print on the back but otherwise very cool. Sizes and colors vary. See picture below. Make offer.

Gilley's tank shirt

Gilley’s tank shirt

There is more to come, so keep checking back. See ya soon.


126 Responses to “Buy/Sell/Donate”
  1. E williams says:

    I have an original Gilley’s napkin autographed by Johnny Lee , was just wandering if it was worth anything ?

    • Hopefully more to you than what it would likely sell for. Unfortunately, the downside of signing lots of autographs is that they become so available that they don’t command a big price. Both Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee are prolific signers. Pictures, albums, fan club newsletters, hats, shirts, etc. are quite common.

      Then you have the issue of the napkin. Because of the nature of the paper autographs usually don’t look as clear on them as they would on regular paper or photograph paper.

      The napkin alone, in excellent condition is probably worth a buck or three, or maybe slightly more on a good day. Add the signature and that might bring it to maybe $5, give or take.

      Also, when it comes to autographs, it depends on what’s written. Something like “love, Johnny Lee” is normally worth more than if it’s written to someone in particular, like “to Patty from Johnny Lee” unless it’s to someone famous, then you never know.

      Frame it and put it on your wall. At least you can see it instead of having it rot in a drawer somewhere. It might even spark some interesting conversations.

      Hope that helps. And thanks for asking.


      • Matthew Woods says:

        How do you post on this blog other than leaving a reply? I have a black Mickey Gilley Cowboy hat. It has red “Gilley’s” stamped on the side of the hat and the band on the inside says “Gilleys, Pasadena Texas”. It is also signed and dated by Gilley. I have never been able to find another one online to even get an idea of its worth. I used to work for Mickey in Branson and got the hat from his merchandise manager.

      • Value is very subjective. Size, color, condition, style, box, etc affect the price. Good luck with it.


  2. Aimee says:

    I am looking for a Gilley’s lace tank top, any ideas??

    • Hi Aimee.

      Ah, the famous Gilley’s lace tank top. They are very desirable and hard to find. You didn’t say if you want a specific size or color, or if you just want one for display, so here’s the best I can tell you at this point. There is a black one, probably a size small, for auction on ebay right now. Just do a search for “gilley’s” and look for it from a few days ago. Included in the auction is an ashtray and a few other small items. The starting bid is $39.99.

      For now that’s the only one I’m aware of that’s for sale.

      GilleysMuseum has a black one, a pink one, and a baby blue one in our collection and they are very cool looking.

      I hope that helps and good luck finding the tank you’re looking for. I would love to hear from you again when you find it.


  3. Justin johnson says:

    I have a gilleys belt buckle I would like to
    Know about. It looks like the second one you have
    Hear. What is it worth? What year is it? thank you
    Please enlighten me on it

    • Hi Justin.

      It appears you have the pewter (dull grey colored) Gilley’s buckle. That buckle is not pictured in the mid 80’s Gilley’s catalogs in our collection so dating it is only a guess, but since most of the merchandise came as the result of the popularity created by the release of the movie “Urban Cowboy” it is fair to assume it probably became available after 1980.

      As for value, this is not one of the more common Gilley’s buckles, and in excellent condition tends to sell for more than the more common chrome version. In an auction setting it would most likely bring in the neighborhood of $20-$40. Of course condition is critical, as is the luck of your timing and who is bidding, but that’s a fair value.

      We have a few of them in our collection and consider this a nice piece of Gilley’s memorabilia. Hope that answers your questions. Display or wear it proudly.


  4. lala carlile says:

    i have an autographed picture signed by jonny lee in 1984 and it says gilley on the botttom, and was wondering how much it was worth.

    • Hi Lala.

      The Gilley’s promo pictures of Johnny Lee usually sell for around $5 to $15 unframed and in good condition. If it’s signed to someone specific (unless it’s someone famous/important) it usually goes closer to the lower price and can go for more if just signed by Johnny and if it’s dated by him. Of course the pose, the clarity and location of the signature, and luck plays a part too. Hope that helps.


  5. glenn beaver says:

    Do you have any good photos of the exterior of Gilley’s and the arena?

    • Hi Glenn,

      Unfortunately I don’t have anything you can’t find on Google, YouTube, etc., on Mickey’s album covers, or in his old newsletters. And don’t forget about the club scenes (interior and exterior) in Urban Cowboy. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need something more specific.


  6. leanna west says:

    i have an unopened can of gilley’s empty beer can would like to know what it is worth

    • Hi Leanna,

      Without knowing which Gilley’s beer can you have (there are numerous versions) and what the condition is I can’t be real specific but you can figure any empty Gilley’s beer can is most likely under $10. Hope that helps.


  7. Tyler Young says:

    that gilleys poster thats in your profile pic….i need that in my life lol how much do you want for it!

    • Hi Tyler. I feel your pain. Unfortunately, this is the only poster of its kind that we have and it’s not for sale. If we come across another I’ll let you know. We do have the Mickey Gilley riding the bull poster, brand new in the cellophane wrapper, if that might help you with your withdrawals until you find this one. Thanks for writing.


      • Tyler Young says:

        thanks for replying but please just try to keep me in mind if you do run across one!

      • Tyler Young says:

        i do have one more question their was a guy who posted that he had a couple of these poster would you happen to know him or his email?

  8. Yes, I’ll keep you in mind. I don’t remember the other poster but if it was on our blog it’s still there so you should be able to find it.


  9. Glenn Beaver says:

    Do you have Gilley’s beer cans with beer in them for sale?

    • Hi Glenn,

      Not at the moment, no. We have a full Gilley’s Beer 6 pack which will never be broken up, but no individual cans at this time. Sorry. We also have a number of bottles, both full and empty, along with a heavy cardboard Gilley’s Beer 24 case but none of those are for sale either.


  10. Amy says:

    I would like to find 2 Gilleys bumper stickers
    is there anywhere you can purchase these.

    • Hi Amy.

      Original vintage Gilley’s numbered bumper stickers are getting hard to find, especially in good condition. There is no place I’m aware of that you can just go to buy one. I can only suggest using the search engines and ebay to keep an eye out for one being offered for sale. We have several, but none are for sale.

      And make sure you are buying a real vintage sticker. Look at the info on our Beware Rip-Offs page to learn what to look for.


  11. jim jumbelick jr. says:

    I have a copy of the very first mickey Gilley fan club newsletter vol. 1 , issue 1. I picked it up in his pasadena, tx. dance hall as a guest visiting as a crewmember of USS HOUSTON SSN-713. Alan Sheppard footed the entire crews’ drinking tab that nite. Jon Anderson was guest singer.

  12. wynanne binford says:

    i have a sticker of texas with gilleys on it is it worth anything

    • Hi Wynanne,

      I assume you’re talking about the Texas shaped bumper sticker that says Gilley’s in the middle. Yes, it’s worth some money. As I said at the top of the page, prices are volatile so I won’t give you any specific numbers, but people do want it.


  13. Becca Gilley says:

    Being as that my last name is Gilley (distant relatives to Mickey as my Paw-Paw has told me) I would like to own some of his club items. I am really interested in the beer and anything else that is just Gilley’s (not Urban Cowboy). How do I go about buying one of your items?

  14. Larry Bamberg says:

    I would really like to know about the leather gilleys belt buckle and the black and silver johnny lee’s club belt buckle…can you help me?

  15. Larry Bamberg says:

    Why is it that everyone besides me has received a answer?

    • Hi Larry,

      Sorry about the delay, had some medical issues to deal with. As for the leather Gilley’s buckle I can’t say much since there were several different ones and I don’t know which one you have. The Johnny Lee’s Club buckle is most likely early 1980’s. I don’t give prices so I don’t know what else I can tell you.


  16. David says:

    I am trying to find a replica of Bud Davis’ rodeo number that he wore in the rodeo in Urban Cowboy. (#87)

  17. brandy says:

    i am trying desperately to find the vintage gilley’s baseball style tee. do you have any of these? thanks!

    • Hi Brandy.

      Actually, we have about a dozen baseball style Gilley’s shirts in our collection. Unfortunately they are all different (color, graphic, etc.) so we have none for sale at this time. Sorry.


  18. brandy says:

    ahhh ok. well please keep me in mind when you do sell any. thanks!:)

    • No problem. There were many different graphics used on the Gilley’s baseball style shirts so it always helps to know if you’re looking for a specific graphic, color, or size.

  19. brandy says:

    from Gilley’s Pasadena, and a large in mens. not really picky on color:)

  20. Ashlee says:


    • Hi Ashlee,

      Sorry, I feel your pain. Ours is not for sale and even if it was I already have a left arm. LOL

      As far as I know there is only one other Gilley’s mud flap autographed by Mickey Gilley for the American Pickers tv show and it’s owned by a young man in Tennessee who has no intention of selling it.

      Maybe you should shift your attention to some other piece of Gilley’s memorabilia???


  21. Kerri says:

    Do you know what ever happened to that sign that Mike bought on American Pickers? The front door large metal sign? I used to do trail rides in ’71 and ’72 and we would always end them at Gilley’s. We would sleep in the parking lot with our horses and Mickey would usually be playing. What great memories. Would love to own that sign.

    • Hi Kerri,

      Last I heard it was still in Mike and Frank’s store.

      Here’s a question for you and all our other readers. Do you remember seeing that sign in Gilley’s entrance? And if so, when?

      I’ve searched every resource I can find and have never seen that sign before so I’m wondering if and when it actually was at Gilley’s entrance.



      • Glenn says:

        I may be wrong but if you look on youtube at the Josh Logan Live at Gilley’s video you will see the exact looking sign painted on the front side corner of the building if you were driving up from Spencer Highway.

      • Hi Glenn,

        Thanks for your great input. I paused the video on the sign and put it side by side with the one Mike bought and here’s what I see.

        You’re right, the graphics are almost identical. However, Mikes sign is corrugated metal and the one in the video appears to be painted directly onto a flat wall. If that’s right, there is no way they are the same sign.

        It’s possible that Mike’s sign may have been located somewhere else, but so far I am still not convinced. Also, there seems to be no evidence that it was at the entrance to the club. I’m not saying it wasn’t on the building, I’d just like to see a picture so we know for sure.

        Does anyone have any more info? Let me know.

        Thanks again,


      • Kerri says:

        Just saw your reply. I was 12 and 13 years old at the time I camped in Gilley’s parking lot so my memory is not great but I do think I remember that sign on the front of the building towards the left side. I remember it being underneath the carport or covered area. This would have been in 1971 and 72 time frame. I also believe that they show the exact sign in a photo on the front of Gilley’s in the American Pickers episode. That photo was shown briefly but it really gave me a jolt when I saw it. But, again, I was very young and it may or may not have been the same sign but It sure hit a nerve when I saw it. I’m not having any luck finding a photo of the front of Gilley’s from the early 70’s. I’m going to try and record the AP Gilley’s episode so I can take another look at that photo. I will let you know if I’m able to identify it. Thanks for your help. Kerri

      • Thanks for the update, Kerri. Let me know if you find anything further. I’d love to confirm that the sign is what it was represented to be.


  22. todd edwards says:

    I have a magazine from 1982, signed by Mickey and TG Shepard…I was wondering if it was of value..Please contact me at……its from a concert in Ashville North Carolina… Thanks

    • Hi Todd,

      I don’t know about the TG Shepard autograph but Mickey Gilley’s autograph isn’t worth more than a few dollars unless it’s on something special or has something important written along with it.


  23. Michelle says:

    I just received the ashtray, matchbook and napkin I purchased from your Buy/Sell page and everything looks great!! Thank you Bubba for taking such good care in the packing and handling of the items for shipping. My boyfriend is a HUGE “Urban Cowboy” fan and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I surprise him with these treasures. 🙂 I am so happy I found you!

    • Hi Michelle. Happy to hear you got everything okay and really appreciate your business and comments. It’s always great to hear from other “Urban Cowboy” fans. Enjoy your Gilley’s ashtray, matches and and napkin. Take care. Bubba

  24. Lisa Bakke says:

    I am personally looking for a poster from Geirge Strait’s 1985 performance at Gillys

    • Hi Lisa. We have a 1985 George Strait at Gilley’s concert poster, as pictured on our site, but it’s the only one we have and the only one we’ve seen. Ours isn’t for sale so, for now, I’m sorry but we can’t help you. I hope you have luck finding another one.


      • Glenn says:

        I was wanting to reply to an earlier post but their was no reply button to it. We spoke earlier about the Gilley’s sign on American Pickers and you said you didn’t think it was corrugated on the building. If you will watch the Josh Logan video very closely, you will see at the bottom of the sign that it actually is corrugated. It is just blurry.

      • Hi Glenn,

        I guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I just looked at it again and it looks totally flat to me. If you compare it to the top of the Gilley’s sign just before the entrance sign on the video that one is obviously corrugated and looks nothing like the entrance sign.

        Also, the entrance sign is on the side of the building, not at the entrance to the club as the American Pickers guys thought.

        No offense to Mike and Frank, but I think they over-paid on this one. Sorry, guys.


  25. Billie says:

    I picked up a piece of the Gilleys concrete floor after it was demolished. Does it have a value?

    • Hi Billie,

      If it just looks like a plain piece of concrete I’d say it has some emotional value to you but probably not to anyone else. Unless it has something that identifies it as being from Gilley’s I can’t imagine anyone paying for it.


  26. Kathy says:

    I was at Gilley’s in 1981 and I actually was in a schlitz beer commercial at Gilley’s. I have an unopened Gilley’s longneck beer from then and was wondering if it is worth anything?

    • Hi Kathy,

      That’s so cool that you got to be in the commercial. As for the full Gilley’s beer bottle I really can’t give you a price. We have several in our collection but haven’t seen any sales recently. As always, it’s a question of condition and what someone will pay.


    • Harold Gary 7220 dunaway chapel rd lascassas tn 37085 says:

      I am looking for a bottle or can of gilleys beer. Must be unopened.

      • Hi Harold,

        Unfortunately all of our vintage Gilley’s beer cans that are full are part of six packs so they aren’t for sale, individually or otherwise. Sorry.


      • Yahoo! Customer Care says:

        I am willing to pay a price for a six pack. I bought a six pack of cans full of Billy Beer on e-bay for 34.00. I understand you don’t want to break up a six -pack. If so I will buy a six-pack of bottles or cans,for my collection as long as they are full of beer.


      • I don’t blame you for wanting them but they aren’t for sale. Sorry.


      • Kathy says:

        I have a Gilleys Beer Bottle unopened from 1981. What’s you offer?

  27. Harold Gary 7220 dunaway chapel rd lascassas tn 37085 says:

    If it is full of beer how about 20 bucks?

  28. Kathy says:

    I’m sorry that is to low. I will think about a price and get back to you in a couple of days. It is rare to find a unopened one.

    • reed says:

      i have a unopened one i was going to sell mr gary he said he was going to send the money and never did i was going to sell it to him for 50.00

  29. Harold Gary 7220 dunaway chapel rd lascassas tn 37085 says:

    Thank you for responding. Just name a price and i will either buy or not buy. I had a can that I got from Gilleys in Pasadena plus an eight ball off the pool table mounted on a plaque hanging behind my bar. My son and his buddy popped the cap and drank the beer. I came to my senses and instead of murdering them I just bit my tongue and let them live. Now I want to have one to replace the one i had.

  30. Mary Ann says:

    Hi..we have a mickey gilley’s Pool table hanging lamp w the red Gilley’s club printed one 1 side and Gilley’s on the other..on end cap is texas state outline w red Gilley’s inside…Could you give an estimate of price please..It is in pretty good condition…Thank You … Lambert

    • I wish I could. We haven’t seen any sales in several years and can’t be certain of what “pretty good condition” looks like so I couldn’t even guess. We have one that’s never been used but are always looking. If you’re looking to sell yours please send pictures to and maybe we can do something. Thanks. Bubba

  31. reed says:

    i hav a vintage original Gilley’s Pasadena, TX beer bottle, complete with beer and cap the bottle of beer has never been opened it is for sale

  32. Harold Gary 7220 dunaway chapel rd lascassas tn 37085 says:

    Iwould like to buy a bottle (or can) full of gilley beer. would you give me a price if it is for sale

    • Harold Gary 7220 dunaway chapel rd lascassas tn 37085 says:

      I can be reached at 615-260 9679 if the phone would be better thanks

  33. reed says:

    the bottle has been sold thanks for all the responses

  34. Douglas Pugh says:

    I was just given 2 Jerzee knit polo shirts, with Gilley’s Pasadena, TX……are they a registered trade mark? There is no tag in the shirts. They are maroon with small checkered maroon and white collars.

  35. Tanya says:

    Hi. I have a white baseballl style shirt blue and white Gilly’s tshirt signed by both singers was wondering how much that would be worth?

    • Hi Tanya,

      There are too many variables to answer that question. Which shirt is it, the condition, the size and visibility of the autographs, etc.

      Because of the wide range of prices we’ve seen lately on Gilley’s memorabilia we don’t give price estimates any longer. Sorry.


  36. Austin says:

    Did Gilley’s ever sell gold bracelets? There was someone on Ebay selling one.

    • To the best of my knowledge, Gilley’s sold bracelets and necklaces that were either gold or silver electroplate, or made to look gold tone – silver tone. I am not aware of anything made of 14k gold or better. Hope that helps.


  37. Brent says:

    Do you have any vintage belt buckles for sale? thanks

  38. Amy Palmer says:

    I have a 6 pack of unopened Gilleys beer cans. Been kept in a cabinet ALL these years. Any idea what they are worth? Not that I would EVER part with them.!!

    • There are too many variables as to which style of can, condition, etc to give a price. Plus, the market for Gilley’s beer cans is too thin so it’s just whatever a buyer is willing to pay.


  39. linda Campos says:

    Are you interested in selling your Gilleys appron?

  40. Ole-Martin Biørnstad says:

    Hi I was several times at Gilleys’ in Pasedena in the early 80′ and have still 3 of the Hurricane Glasses with prints Jhonny Lee’s one one side and Gilly’s on the other (mint condition). ( I was a sailor then, from Norway). Do they have commercial value or just as a memobilia for me?

    PS I had a lot of fun there. 🙂

  41. Matthew Woods says:

    I have a “Mickey Gilley” cowboy hat. It has Gilleys stamped on the side and it has Gilleys Pasadena Texas stamped on the inside. I had it Autographed by Mickey back in ’93 I think and he asked me if I wanted to sell it. I joked with him and said with his autograph on it now, he probably couldn’t afford it. Anyway, I didn’t think much about it until I started looking to see what it might be worth. I have been looking for years and have never found one. Any idea on value, I might be willing to sell it.

    • Not a clue. Gilley’s sold many styles and qualities of hat so without pictures I have no idea what you have. And unfortunately, I don’t think the autograph adds much value since Mickey signed so many items.

  42. Joe Haas says:

    I have something that might be of interest of you. My mother got it in the 90’slow and it had been sitting in my basement. How would I know if this would be somethung you might want?

  43. Fat boy says:

    I have one of the pool table lights and it still works just re wired and changed plug. Is it worth anything? Give me email and I send a pic

  44. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I have 2 Gilley’s beer cans, both of them autographed.
    What would you say would be a fair price to ask for them?
    Thank you in advance

  45. Brandon suchey says:

    Please get ahold of me on some authentic gilleys material. Signs, shirts, etc must be authentic . Looking forward to hearing from you and making some purchases . Thanks

    • Hi Brandon,

      Please email me at with any offers. Thanks.


      • Brent says:

        I have two Ricky Skaggs covert posters from gilley’s. I would like to trade one for another concert poster that I do not already have. I have the Johnny cash and Neil Young posters already. Do you have any duplicates of any others you have in your collection that you would trade for ?

      • Hi Brent,

        If you’re talking about the Ricky Skaggs poster dated Dec. 10, I already have that one. and I don’t have any duplicates to trade at the moment. Sorry.

        I’m always looking for posters I don’t have, so let me know if anything else pops up.


  46. Becky Guddat says:

    I have a vintage leather coat with Gilleys the new frontier Las Vegas embroidered on it. It is in good condition, a few place on sleeve where dog punctured with paw and one small tear on back. Size XXL. Wanting to sell.

  47. Brandon Suchey says:

    Looking for original gilleys baseball cap and women’s shirt.. original.. what is available?

  48. Juanita Birtcher says:

    Looking for a men’s XXL shirt for a Christmas gift. Do you have any for sale?

  49. Susan Godfrey says:

    I have a Billy the kid Stetson in the original box and signed by Mickey Gilley can you tell me what it may be worth

  50. Casandra L Arnold says:

    My mom has this unused ticket from 1987 and wants to know if worth anything, it says B3 on back, I’m thinking some sort of seating assignment

  51. Brenda Daniels says:

    Hi. I’m looking to get a Tshirt, probably in a large since sizes ran smaller back then and he’s currently a medium. Do you have anything available?

  52. Sandy says:

    How would I find or purchase gilleys magazines from the 1980s ?

  53. George Butts says:

    Hi I have a Belt Buckle just like the first one shown above including the broken belt-hole pin. except it is a 1978 Limited Edition. What did yours sell for on 6/11/14? Any idea how many limited edition ones were made each of those years? Thanks

  54. Pamela says:

    I have a Gilley’s bottle of beer, unopened and it’s label reads , Spoetzl Brewery, Shriner , Texas. I obtained it from my dad. I’m curious if there is any interest in this?
    Thanks so much

  55. Tommy Thompson says:

    Hi, my name is Tommy and many years ago I have come into possession of some “Mickey Gilley’s” photos that I believe use to hang in Gilley’s Club in Pasadena.. I am looking to sell, but only to serious buyer of Mickey Gilley memoriablia… Will send pictures if like.

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