Mark from “Pawn Stars” visits

Mark Hall-Patton visiting
Mark Hall-Patton visiting

Bubba and Mark Hall-Patton at on may 23, 2012.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2012 had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Hall-Patton to personally see our collection of vintage original Gilley’s Club and Urban Cowboy memorabilia. In case you’re the last person on earth who doesn’t know, Mark is the administrator of the Clark County (Las Vegas) Museums and a regular expert on the incredibly successful TV show “Pawn Stars.” He has been a recognized expert on the proper operation of museums and the protection of artifacts for many years, and regularly speaks at all types of museum oriented gatherings. You probably also recognize him from his many appearances on “American Restoration” where he has brought numerous museum artifacts to Rick Dale for restoration.

We spent 90 minutes together, looking at the different types of items in our collection, from posters to clothing to hard goods like buckles. Mark’s wealth of knowledge on everything from the proper way to display, light and protect each different piece was amazing. If I had had a science teacher like him I would have been much more inspired to learn than I ever was in school. His friendly demeanor and depth of understanding, along with his clear method of communication, made learning fun. I really didn’t want it to end, but I now have so many more things to think about and consider than I ever realized existed. And if that wasn’t enough, he offered to help any time in the future as he left me his card.

He discussed everything from the dangers of incorrect lighting and off-gas effects of plexiglas on posters to the problems of protecting fabrics from fade and disintegration.

Mark Hall-Patton is nothing short of a great guy. Open, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, what more can I say. Having someone of his caliber show appreciation for the collection means a lot. Everything about our meeting made my week. The producers of “Pawn Stars” are lucky to have such a caring expert available to them. Thanks again Mark, and you’re welcome to come visit again any time.



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